Monday, August 25, 2008

Schreiber Foods?

Today's The Carthage Press, Monday, August 25, 2008 article quotes excerpts from Changing World Technologies, Inc, S-Form S-1 that Schreiber Foods, Inc. has been buying product from Renewable Environmental Solutions, LLC (RES). Schrieber Foods represented 78% of RES' 2007 revenue. Schreiber Foods represented 100% of RES's 2008 1st quarter revenue. Schreiber Foods has extended its contract with RES through 2010 to provide fuel for its Monett and Mount Vernon, MO. plants, estimated to be 1.4 million gallons, annually.

It is ironic that on Schreiber Foods Inc's own website, it states the following commitment, "Schreiber Foods requires our supplier partners to subscribe to ethical and legal business practices and maintain a sound financial position". I'm not sure what Schreiber Foods means by ethical and legal business practices of its supplier partners, when RES has been cited, fined and actually shut down by Matt Blunt, the Governor of the State of Missouri, for polluting and violating Missouri's' environmental laws.

It appears that we have Schrieber Foods Inc. to thank for encouraging RES to continue polluting our City.

Contact information:
Schreiber Foods Inc.
P.O. Box 19010
Green Bay, WI 54307-9010
920-437-7601 (phone)
800-344-0333 (toll-free)
920-437-1617 (fax)


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